šŸŽ¼Implementation,Audio with Project on Live music venue,stage and collaboration partners and company. We are create simple live music stage as name "folkformer" © 2022 by Retunerecord and more partners etc to collaboration working and support. We hope you're can and want join to this event with joined to part or without on this event and You're Invited !!!!!
Please read and term here :

- as musician have song to joined
-your song we collect to submit to digital store with compilation or not . We hope you're send song more than from 2 audio.
-if your not have song, your are can follow and join with event.
-your song will send to digital streaming.
-this event enjoy and free to more musician want join and participate and who that it can follow to event.
-your song will sign to music holder and for Performance best in with event we are will create your song to vpl sign for sign music videos but you must with your song(not music etc/cover).
-(for musician not have song ,you can follow this event)
-(Song minimal 2-3 that ok to your music compilation.not yet if your have single, your can send your music)
-(Songwriter/Band/Duo/ and anything Genre music to Participate).
-(event only to Folkformer and to resign Vpl music video to music audio)
We hope your Can Performance to best with your music.
-(event not formal, enjoy! And fun)
Please read more and have questions send with mailing address : retunerecord@protonmail.com

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